The Brooklyn Nets made the announcement on Tuesday that Steve Nash is resigning as their head coach.

Sean Marks, general manager of the Nets, stated before Tuesday night's game against the Chicago Bulls that he and Nash agreed that now was the right time to make a move,

and that they both knew that the decision would likely be made sooner rather than later given Brooklyn's rocky 2-5 start under Nash.

We both agreed that the time had come, Marks remarked.

"To be perfectly blunt, the team was not performing as it should have been, and it was clear that the trend was in that direction.

Since we still have high objectives, it was time because we had failed to achieve our aims.

Nash expressed his gratitude for a "great experience with many obstacles

that I'm tremendously grateful for" in a statement to Marks and the team's ownership.

Since the second part of the previous season, it was more clear how frustrated Nash was with the ongoing drama involving his squad off the court

it has been Irving's social media posts endorsing a book and movie with antisemitic views.