"Blue's Clues" Star Steve Burns recalls experiencing "severe" depression throughout the entire show.

teve Burns, the adored star of the popular children's show Blue's Clues on Nickelodeon, is talking openly about leaving the programme in 2003.

Burns says he struggled with "serious" sadness outside of his cartoon, upbeat environment in a recent interview with Variety.

He told the newspaper, "I didn't realise it yet, but I was the happiest miserable guy in North America.

I had terrible clinical depression the whole time I appeared on the show.

It became hard for me to always be absolutely and entirely full of delight and astonishment, which was my responsibility.

I could always dive deep and find something that seemed genuine to me and was good enough to appear on the programme,

but there was a price after endless years of drawing from the well without refilling it.

Additionally, there was the unavoidable issue of maturing.

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