How the postponement of Game 3 of the World Series affects both teams' pitching strategies: Phillies vs. Astros

The Phillies should benefit from the postponement of Game 3 due to weather on Monday.

In Philadelphia The World Series has been postponed for the first time since Games 6 and 7 were moved back one day in 2011

With rain predicted for the majority of the night on Monday,

Major League Baseball determined it would be best to postpone Game 3 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

MLB has opted to take Friday off so they may travel rather than cramming in the remaining games.

Of course, Philadelphia might be the place where the series ends, but if both sides manage to win at least one match there

the series will return to Houston, with Game 6 currently scheduled for Saturday and a potential Game 7 for Sunday.

Regarding how each team is impacted, all eyes are on the team with a pair of aces and only a select few additional players they'd like to utilise in crucial situations.

The Phillies benefit from the rainout in theory and on paper.