the crucial 4th-down stand by Michigan football in the first half that led to a 29-7 victory

Michigan State used a timeout to double-check that it had called the proper play.

After the Wolverines had already stopped Elijah Collins on a fourth-and-1 effort earlier in the quarter

the Spartans set up to attempt a touchdown instead of a field goal on fourth-and-1 from the Michigan football 5-yard line.

(The initial call of a first down on the field was reversed following review.)

MSU tried a delayed counter the other way with running back Jalen Berger

after running Jaden Reed in motion to get the defence moving. Nobody fooled Michigan at all.

MSU's interior was battered into the backfield by the Wolverines' defensive front

and linebackers Junior Colson and Michael Barrett sprinted through the openings.

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