"Takin' It Back" by Meghan Trainor (Epic Records)

The doo-wop genre of music that first made Meghan Trainor famous is back, but with a new spin.

Not your typical journey of self-love, Trainor's new album

"Takin' It Back," showcases a more mature Trainor.

from bursts of self-confidence to moments of sadness and self-doubt with a dash of reassuring reality.

Meghan discusses filtering the truth and presenting the best version of herself to the world

even when it feels like an outright lie, in songs like "Don't I Make It Look Easy" and other songs.

Trainor has undergone some personal development since her last album, getting hitched and becoming a mother.

This entire album has the feel of a therapy session; through her lyrics, Trainor holds up a mirror to our anxieties and offers sage advice on grey, rainy days.

Don't misunderstand me. Similar to life, this album offers upbeat, enjoyable music in addition to slow songs about introspection.