As he launches a new business that many of us didn't anticipate

Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he is getting ready to leave Formula One.

The Austin Grand Prix may have given away that Brad Pitt was there researching the sport for his upcoming, not-so-secret movie.

It has since come to light that Dawn Appollo Films, the production company responsible for it, is owned by Lewis Hamilton.

The company's first two projects were the Apple TV film starring Brad Pitt and a documentary specifically about Lewis Hamilton

whose production was overseen by Daniel Ricciardo.

The seven-time world champion's manager, Penni Thow, is also involved in the enterprise.

Currently, with Hamilton still relishing the chance to compete for his eighth championship

the British driver has emphasised the need to look beyond racing, admitting that he believes it's essential to learn more skills and hone more crafts.

but when it's time for them to retire, they might not have had the right support system to help them chart their future.