Kit Connor, the star of "Heartstopper," revealed on Monday that he is bisexual,

claiming that he was compelled to do so after the actor was accused of queerbaiting by followers of the well-liked Netflix series.

The British actor said in a rare Twitter post: "Back for a moment.

Congratulations for making an 18-year-old come out to you.

Some of you, I believe, didn't get the show's purpose. Bye.”

Connor did not specify why he felt compelled to come out, but his post came after

he declared he was "deleting Twitter" in response to accusations of queerbaiting—

appearing to be queer for the purpose of profit without explicitly identifying as a member of the community.

That came when images of him holding hands with Maia Reficco, his co-star in "A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow," surfaced online.

This software is ridiculous and silly. In the September post, Connor had said, "Bit tired with it now, deleting twitter:)".