White powder-filled mail that is deemed suspicious is sent to Kari Lake's campaign headquarters.

A package containing "strange white substance" was sent to the campaign office of the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona on Saturday.

An envelope containing white power was opened by a staff member at Kari Lake's

campaign office in Phoenix, a campaign official said CNN.

A law enforcement source familiar with the inquiry told CNN that items found during the probe will be evaluated at a lab facility in Arizona.

The insider claimed that no evidence had been delivered to the FBI laboratory at Quantico.

Two envelopes were seized by law enforcement earlier on Sunday, according to Lake campaign spokesperson Colton Duncan,

who texted CNN to say they had been "delivered to professionals at Quantico for analysis."

Initially, the suspicious package was supposed to be sent to Quantico for analysis,

"apparently there's a closer lab and that's where they actually delivered the stuff, so we're going to find out what it was."