The relationship between Julia Fox and Kanye West, according to Julia Fox, had a negative impact on her acting career.

After splitting with Kanye West, Julia Fox claims her acting career has undergone "a change."

The Uncut Gems singer, 32, discussed changes in her work life after she and West split up on Valentine's Day in February

during her visit on Emily Ratajkowski's High Low with EmRata podcast on Tuesday.

During her podcast interview with Ratajkowski, 31, Fox said, "I certainly felt like,

well I sense a change in the acting manner, not in a positive way.

After this entire huge romance and all the stuff that followed."

The actress and model continued, "It's like I'm not getting as many offers as I used to, weirdly,

" noting that she feels she may be seen as a "liability, just tabloid type of person" as a result of her brief,

high-profile relationship with West, who in recent weeks has come under fire for making repeated anti-semitic remarks.