Speaking haltingly for the entirety of the hour-long debate against Republican Mehmet Oz on Tuesday

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman refused to commit to disclosing his complete medical history more than five months after suffering a stroke.

The 53-year-old lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, Fetterman, has admitted that he "almost died"

after having a stroke in May. He spoke about the "elephant in the room" on Tuesday night.

A stroke struck me. That's something he's never let me forget," Fetterman said of his Republican rival.

And I might mush two words together or miss a few words during this debate

but it knocked me down and I'm going to keep getting back up.

He also attempted to attack Oz's integrity and his "gigantic mansions" right away.

Fetterman remarked, "It's the Oz rule: He's on TV and he's lying.

a well-known heart surgeon, paid no attention to Fetterman's health during the debate.