9. She was just 13 when she married Oliver  Lynn.

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8. Lynn and her siblings are of Irish descent. She was named after the film star Loretta Young.

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7. Lynn's first single, "Success", was released in 1962 and went straight to No. 6 on the charts—it kicked off a string of top 10 hits that would last for decades.

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6. In 1969, she released her autobiographical “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” which helped her reach her widest audience yet.

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5. The release of Lynn’s classic song “The Pill,” which promoted contraception for women—an idea previously seen as immoral—was considered controversial.

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4. Lynn began singing in local clubs in the late 1950s. She later formed her own band, the Trailblazers, which included her brother Jay Lee Webb.

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3. Lynn credited Patsy Cline as her mentor and best friend during her early years in music.

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2. Lynn announced for her All-Star Birthday Celebration at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena in 2019,  she said she had one request: to have Keith Urban jump out of a birthday cake.

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1. Former Miss America Venus Ramey, who died in 2017, was also a distant cousin of hers.

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