According to Hopkins, "a lot of people see it as a negative year for someone like myself."

However, I consider that year to have been fruitful because I was able to sign several players.

Simply forcing defenders to account for Hopkins contributed to Arizona's success throughout the regular season in 2021.

The Cardinals are hoping his presence helps Thursday night when he returns to the field for the first time since his MCL injury forced him to miss the remainder of the season on December 13, 2021

The Cardinals are in desperate need of an

For someone who hasn't played in 311 days, it's a big ask

but the team has also been honest about the fact that he cannot fix all of the offense's issues by himself.

Kyler Murray, the quarterback, stated, "We still have things we need to do better at.

We still have issues to resolve. Having [Hopkins] back obviously helps, but we still need to improve in all the areas where we fall short right now.

Hopkins is coming back to an offence that urgently needs CPR.