As quarterback Dak Prescott made his comeback after missing the previous five games due to a fractured thumb on his throwing hand

all eyes were focused behind centre.

Did he have any rust on him? Could the Dallas Cowboys offence ratchet up the tempo?

Would they be able to defeat the struggling Detroit Lions team?

Saying the game was a work of art might be overstating the case because Prescott and the Cowboys did have some trouble getting into a rhythm early on.

However, Dallas eventually defeated the Lions 24-6, which is always satisfying to see.

Prescott wasn't terrible, by any means. His impressive 113.2 passer rating came from completing 76 percent of his passes for 207 yards, one touchdown

The team's top catchers were Noah Brown and Dalton Schultz, who are both still dealing with knee injuries.

CeeDee Lamb led the team with 75 receiving yards.

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