People's 2022 choice for sexiest man alive is Chris Evans.

During the episode of "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" that aired on Monday night,

the star of "The Gray Man" and the original Captain America of Marvel Comics was announced as the recipient for this year.

Johnson begs you to say something seductive. Go vote tomorrow, Evans orders as he faces the camera while wearing a sash.

When he was announced as this year's winner, Evans told People, "My mum will be extremely delighted.

She is proud of everything I do, but she can truly take pride in this.

Since the award's establishment in 1985 with Mel Gibson as the first winner, the journal has included a list of the sexiest men alive every year.

Paul Rudd received the award the previous year, while other recent recipients include Michael B. Jordan, John Legend, Idris Elba, and Blake Shelton.

The Broadway musical "The Lion King" performed on Monday's episode of "The Late Show,

" which also featured an interview with "Last Week Tonight" presenter John Oliver, whom Colbert said was the second-sexiest man alive.