This week, Carly Simon lost both of her sisters to cancer.

One day after former opera singer Joanna Simon lost her battle with thyroid cancer

Broadway composer Lucy Simon passed away after a breast cancer battle, leaving the 78-year-old singer in mourning.

A person close to Carly has confirmed both deaths

Lucy was 82 and Joanna was 85 - though she has not yet made any public remarks.

Richard L. Simon, the creator of the Simon Schuster publishing company, and his wife Andrea

a civil rights activist and singer, welcomed their three children in New York.

The Simon Sisters, a folk singing duo that Lucy and Carly created in the early 1960s, was their own creation.

"The Secret Garden," for which she received a Tony nomination, in 1991.

She had been working on "On Cedar Street," a musical adaptation of the 2015 book "Our Souls," before her illness worsened.