According to Britney Spears, she suffers nerve damage on her right side of the body.

The Hold Me Closer singer announced she had nerve damage in a since-deleted Instagram post.

There is no remedy other than God for the nerve damage Britney suffered,

however she didn't mention the specific event in the description of a video of herself dancing.

According to her, sometimes not getting enough oxygen to the brain might result in nerve damage (Just Jared).

"Your brain actually stops functioning."

Britney said it a "old story" and alluded to being "in that spot where I didn't breathe,

" possibly alluding to the hospital she was forcibly taken to in 2019.

The singer said that she had been in a minor unconscious condition for the past three years since leaving that location. I was unable to face it.

It's unclear how the facility relates to Britney's nerve injury.