"Black Adam" may be about to upend the DC Universe's power structure, but compared to Warner Bros.

previous ten years' worth of superhero movies, the new release is rated poorly by critics.

As of this afternoon's review influx for the Dwayne Johnson movie, "Black Adam"

has a 32% approval rating from respected reviewers on the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes

It stands at 54% among the larger group of the website's acknowledged detractors.

eventually ordered a revised version, would be reached if the top critics' number holds up.

Johnson has hinted that "Black Adam's" titular antihero will soon face more significant conflicts while promoting the movie

Online discussion has also been sparked by leaked videos of the movie's end credits scene

which give a hint as to who Black Adam might face off against in the future.

Johnson has said that he hopes to serve as a potential "advisor" for DC Films in addition to his lead role