The Falcons could be the NFL season's biggest surprise.

Arthur Smith is arguably accomplishing just as much with less than Brian Daboll, with all due respect for what he has accomplished with the Giants.

The Falcons manage to win games despite having a team that is seriously lacking in talent.

In a game like the one we witnessed against the Panthers on Sunday, the Falcons would typically lose.

Look no farther than the team's season-opening meltdown against the Saints in the fourth quarter.

However, the undermanned Falcons won despite clearly not having to, and they are now in first place in their division.

The possibility exists for Atlanta to host a playoff game! For the first time since 2017,

the Falcons would host a postseason game if they won the division.

In all honesty, nobody anticipated the Falcons being in this situation.

However, I'm not here to spoil the Dirty Birds' celebration. We will savour the moment because it might not last for long.