Aljamain Sterling has had one of the strangest title reigns in recent MMA history,

but he should be commended for the fact that none of it has been his fault. All he does is keep winning.

At 3:44 in the second round of the co-main event of UFC 280 on Saturday in Abu Dhabi,

United Arab Emirates, Sterling defeated former champion TJ Dillashaw by way of TKO

Even though Sterling won, there were some other factors at play that were beyond his control

Sterling thus kept the UFC bantamweight championship

Early in the first round, Dillashaw's left shoulder dislocated, was put back in by coach Duane Ludwig between rounds

and then dislocated once more in the second round.

As Dillashaw was down, Sterling applied more pressure, knocked him out with powerful punches and elbows while in back control.

Regarding Dillashaw's injury, Sterling said, "I had no idea." "I was simply in the flow. I was aware that he could regain control and cause harm.