Chucky Season2 Starts With Bang…

chucky season 2 episode 1 is starting from Oct 5.

where to watch chucky season 2 : Syfy and USA Network and will become available on Peacock the next day.

chucky season 2 cast:

  1. Brad Dourif. Chucky. Voice.
  2. Zackary Arthur. Jake Wheeler.
  3. Jennifer Tilly. Tiffany Valentine.
  4. Devon Sawa. Logan Wheeler.
  5. Teo Briones. Junior Wheeler.
  6. Alyvia Alyn Lind. Lexy Taylor.

Let’s take a look at Chucky‘s second-season premiere and see what happened.(Spoiler Ahead)

Chucky Season2 is starting this week, what we saw last, Jake, Devon and Lexy barely got away from an army of Chucky dolls that attacked them in Hackensack.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Junior and Ethan—as well as a host of others who died at the hands of this killer.Although Andy tried to hijack a truck full of dolls so that he could destroy them, Tiffany (the doll version) had different plans. So what became of Andy? Where is Kyle and how are the kids processing their trauma and grief?

Image: SYFY/USA Network


In Season 2, Andy is held at gunpoint by Tiffany inside the truck of Good Guy dolls he stole. The second she turns her back on him, Andy quickly jumps out and grabs for her weapon; it accidentally goes off when their hands touch and she drops it through the windshield as a result.

He picks up the phone and holds it to his ear, but no one is there. The army of Chuckys then climbs onto Andy’s car and starts jumping on top of it as it drives off a cliff into the fiery depths below.

Do you think Kyle and Andy are really dead, or will we see them again? Let us know in the comments.

Jake is moving in with a new foster family that lives two hours away from Hackensack. To say goodbye, he goes to see Devon—and after an extended kiss, the scene jumps ahead six months and we find ourselves on Halloween night in Salem, N.J., where Jake’s now-former foster family won’t let him hop a bus and visit his boyfriend.

While taking his new foster brother Gary out trick-or-treating, Devon gets a creepy call from an unknown number that sure sounds like Chucky! He stops to answer it and asks who he’s speaking with. The man talks in some strange accent and says the name of one of their friends before hanging up on him. Immediately afterwards, another call comes through—this time from Lexy herself asking if everything is okay because she just got a weird phonecall as well (she doesn’t know what was said).

Devon calls the cops, and when they bust in Caroline admits that she let “the ghost of Halloween past” use the bathroom. Both girls then realize it was Chucky who snuck in—and ask police to stick around until their mom returns.

During a family therapy session, the doctor says that all of last season’s killings were done by Junior Wheeler—and Caroline begs her sister Lexy to tell him the truth. But she refuses: “Chucky was only a doll,” she insists while clearly lying about it; since then Lexy has suffered from pediophobia (a fear of dolls).

Even though her therapist introduces Caroline to a new doll named Belle, she remains unenthusiastic.

Lexy tells her sister in private that the therapist is crazy. They know what’s going on, and Caroline should never trust a doll—especially if it used to be human. Lexy gives Caroline a large butcher knife to sleep with and wishes her sweet dreams, but they don’t sound very reassuring coming from someone who just told you her best friend was possessed by an evil spirit.

Jake sneaks away to Devon’s house, and the two boys rush over to Lexy’s. They notice that Belle looks an awful lot like Tiffany, so they look around for her—and find a doll with Caroline’s face on it lying in bed.

The next morning, Belle seems to have calmed down. She’s not like her doll counterpart at all, Caroline tells Lexy and Jake; maybe last night was just an elaborate prank. After the murders from last season—and their ensuing fame—the thought of bad attention isn’t totally off base for them either way.

Oh, yeah. Lexi is a drug addict now? Sure seems that way.

Eventually, Lexy’s therapist and a detective sent the three teenagers to special school so that they could learn from their mistakes. Devon believes that Andy’s van crash only destroyed one of his Chucky dolls, so they all assume and expect that the doll will come for them again. When the bus pulls up to their new home, it’s just as Charles Lee Ray remembered—it’s the house in which he grew up! Shortly after a delivery van arrives with a special package for Chucky (that looks suspiciously like his old doll form).

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