A Brief Guide to Badminton Court Flooring

When it comes to indoor games, badminton rules the way. Not only it’s a great way of staying fit but it’s also a great recreational activity. 

A number of private leagues have popularized this game and now, everyone is trying their hands at badminton as a great sporting activity. 

The pros of this game are that it requires minimal equipment. All you’ll need is a couple of badminton rackets, a net, and a few cocks, and you’re all set to play this wonderful game. Also, this game can be played at any time, even at night. So, you can gear up anytime and have a great game of badminton with your sporting partner. 

However, the flooring is important and you must choose the right type of flooring to make a great game. Portable badminton court flooring is a factor you need to consider before you gear up.

Here, you’ll get everything about flooring your badminton court. So, if you are a lover of this game, please read on.

Importance of Badminton Court Flooring 

Usually, a lot of importance is given to markings and nets, but the flooring and what’s beneath it often gets neglected, probably because it’s not visible. 

Many a time, contractors use sub-standard materials in flooring due to the lack of awareness of the owner. Such below-standard materials are not durable and can give you pain in the long run. Flooring is the foundation of your badminton court and any issues with it will not only affect the gaming experience but also waste the hard work done on building this infra. Many serious injuries can also occur to players which you do not want.

Thus, you must consider badminton court flooring to be of prime importance and choose among different types of flooring as required.



Types of Badminton Court Flooring

There can be several types of badminton court flooring and you need to choose the one preferred by you. Some of the flooring types include:



Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring with approved non-slip mats is one of the best choices for badminton court flooring. Wooden sprung flooring is elastic in nature and that means it has the natural tendency of absorbing pressure. This, in turn, means wooden flooring would not be too hard on the player’s body while making for a great playing surface. 

However, you must ensure that the wooden surface is not slippery. Hardwood flooring is particularly recommended for badminton courts. 



PVC Flooring 

PVC is a type of synthetic material and can be used to build badminton court flooring. PVC is a popular court flooring material and has decent anti-slip properties. They are available in the form of mats and can be laid down easily and it’s equally easy to store them. 

The mats too can be of different types such as surface, middle, and lower mats. While surface mats are extremely durable, anti-slip, and abrasion-resistant, the middle mats add stability. These mats should ideally be laid over a wooden floor.



Acrylic Flooring

Acrylic flooring too is a type of synthetic flooring. The biggest advantage of this type of flooring is that they come in several colors and types. These are economical as well. Acrylic has anti-slip properties and thus it is a safe flooring material.



Modular Tiles

Modular tiles get the best of wooden and PVC floorings and thus is a revolution in the badminton flooring system. They are excellent slip and water-resistant, antibacterial and antifungal, extremely durable, and easy to clean and maintain. 

These are the factors you need to keep in mind before investing in a portable badminton court flooring system. Flooring is an extremely important part of this indoor gaming activity and you need to choose the right type of flooring as mentioned above. 

Each flooring type has its own advantages and you need to choose one according to your requirements.


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