What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, which is basically a nose job, is not about making you look different, but about making you look better. You can address very fine or even remarkable deformity in your nose once you opt for the Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal. On the other hand, if you opt for any other cosmetic procedures, for improving the appearance of your nose, you might face a lot of misinterpretation, as to what you may achieve and what you may not. 



What improvements can you benefit once you opt for the Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal?

As mentioned earlier, Rhinoplasty can address very delicate or noteworthy imperfections in your nose. You can give yourself a character as sometimes these subtle imperfections are considered to be quite beautiful. Also, only what you wish to change, Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal addresses only that issue. Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal works with the objective of making people look better but not different. Just scroll through to get an idea as to what are the most common improvements you can receive once you perform the treatment of Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal:


·        Offers you a nicer profile, by diminishing the bump or hump in your nose.

·        Strain the tip of your nose

·        Perfect a downward pointing or a droopy nasal tip.

·        Correct a diverged septum

·        Taper a widened upper part of the nose

·        Contract the size of your nostrils

·        Aids in your breathing through the nose

·        Improve any anamorphism




How is Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal performed?

The nose is actually made of three components. The most superficial layer, the skin, is swathed over the deeper bones and the cartilage, which are basically the supporting structures of the nose. The operation performed is mainly through incisions, which are hidden within the nose. In order to improve the patient’s profile, doctors of the Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal typically files down the bones and the cartilage that is responsible for the bump. By fracturing the paired nasal bones in a controlled manner, they smoothly tapers the upper part of the nose. Thus, you not only get a narrower but also an aesthetically pleasing upper part of the nose. The doctors of the Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal, can turn down a wider tip or a protuberant into a smaller more refined one, by simply removing some cartilage from the tip of the nose. Also, the doctors can make your nostrils smaller if required, through the small slits hidden in the fold at the base of the nostrils. In order to open up the airway, for patients with breathing problems through their nose, the doctors of Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal performs some additional work on the internal structures of the nose. Also, in order to keep the nostrils open, small nasal plugs are also made use of after successful completion of the operation, and a plastic splint is also applied over the bridge of the nose. During the post-operative visits, these are again removed. 




What happens after you have undergone the surgery of Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal? What’s the recovery time?

The doctors send the patients home with certain pain medications and antibiotics, once they feel comfortable enough after the surgery of Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal. What bothers them most is that they have to breathe with their mouth for the first two days, which is somewhat uncomfortable. But just 48 hours after the surgery, during the first post-op visit, the nasal packs are finally removed and the patients are finally relieved as they can breathe through their nose. 

During the first 24-48 hours after the surgery, you can expect the swelling and bruising to increase. But, the swelling begins to improve from the third day itself, and completely recovers within one week. After 2 weeks, when most of the swelling has reduced, you can see your final result for 6-12 months after the surgery.




Key Takeaway:

Now, that you have gone through all the benefits of undergoing a surgery of Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal, why wait any longer? If you are just agitated with any kind of imperfections in your nose, just opt for the surgery of Best Rhinoplasty in Montreal, which can improve your appearance significantly. 


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