The jobs of a towing service and 4 important things to know

What would you do if on one late afternoon your car broke down on an isolated highway while you were on the way to attend a fair? Whether it’s 5 miles or 20 miles away from your home, you’ll need someone to either fix your car or tow it back to the nearest car repair garage. You might feel very unlucky if your car breaks down, but you should be prepared for unfortunate situations like these. If you need to urgently reach the destination, you could hop on a passing car or call a friend to rescue you. But what about the automobile? An all-around local towing service has all the right tools and manpower to help you in situations like these. 

Towing services provide professional assistance to get your car wherever you need it. But, typical towing services do a lot more than that. So, here are some essential things you should know about a towing service:

1. The kind of vehicles that can be towed 

All vehicles have the chance of malfunctioning unpredictably. Therefore, towing services also need to have towing vehicles of all capacities that could tow buses, cars, garbage trucks, and vans. Some towing companies also tow large vehicles like trailers, motor homes, semi-tractor trailers, all-terrain vehicles, and two-wheelers.  

2. The different types of tow truck 

The reason why more than one kind of tow truck operates is to avoid damage to the towed vehicle. Here are the 4 most popular mechanisms equipped on a tow truck to smoothly guide vehicles to safety:

Hydraulic flatbed: A ramp operated by a hydraulic system loads the vehicle onto the flatbed.
Integrated tow truck: The integrated tow truck contains extra axles and is useful for heavy-duty vehicles. 
Hook and chain: A simpler towing vehicle that uses a hook attached to a chain. The hook is attached to the front of the chassis which stays lifted while the vehicle is being towed.   
Wheel lift: Wheel lift towing cars uses mounting equipment to grapple the front or rear wheels of a car. This is useful in either front or rear tire punctures.

3. Reasons to get the help of a towing service

So in what unfortunate incidents do you need a towing car for rescue? There could be several situations for which one needs the assistance of a towing car, they are:
Overheated engine 
Empty gas tank
Car stuck in mud or snow 
Tire puncture 

Silly mistakes like forgetting the keys inside your car and getting locked could also be a considerable situation to call a towing car. 

4. Wrecker vs tow truck driver 

Both of them are eligible to tow vehicles but tow truck drivers don’t do any repair work for your vehicle. Whereas, a wrecker provides on-site repair and maintenance services besides towing. 

What does a towing company do?

You have definitely seen a car being towed on the highway, right? The services of a towing company aren’t limited to only that. A towing company also offers emergency repairs, car transport services, and a lot more, including the following:

Changing tires: Not all people have the mastery of changing their vehicle’s tire. But sometimes, certain circumstances may inhibit you to do the simple task. In case you don’t have a spare tire or missing tools, you can take the help of towing services. Some towing services offer on-spot maintenance while the others would tow your car to a garage for repairs. 

Jumpstart: What would you do if your car’s battery fails? If you take your car for a drive on very cold nights, this is a possibility as lower temperature diminishes the battery functionality. After receiving your call, a towing company will reach you as soon as possible with adequate equipment to jumpstart your car. 

Car transport: In case you want to take a vehicle from one point to another but you won’t be able to drive it yourself, towing services could also transport the vehicle for you. This is particularly useful if you’re moving to another state and won’t be able to drive that long. A flatbed truck carries 4-5 vehicles which lower the cost of transport, thus saving you money. 

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