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As we told you last week, President Trump was seriously considering making the historic move to officially recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, and now he has notified leaders of his intentions to go ahead with it.
According to the NY Times, Trump has officially made contact with Arab leaders with news of this historic decision!
Here’s the full story from the NY Times:
President Trump told Israeli and Arab leaders on Tuesday that he plans to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a symbolically fraught move that would upend decades of American policy and upset efforts to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
Mr. Trump is expected to announce his decision on Wednesday, two days after the expiration of a deadline for him to decide whether to keep the American Embassy in Tel Aviv.
Palestinian officials said Mr. Trump told the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, that the United States would move the embassy to Jerusalem. Jordan said the president gave a similar message to King Abdullah II.
Still, Mr. Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital — and to set in motion an embassy move — is his riskiest foray yet into the thicket of Middle East diplomacy. Arab and European leaders warn that it could derail any peace initiative and even ignite fresh violence in the region.
Are you happy that Trump is going to move the Embassy to Jerusalem AND recognize them as the capital? Comment below with your reaction…

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