Ratings, Tickets Down Because Of Protests; Owner Have Research That Supports Trump!

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King also reported that since Trump weighed in on the issue, NFL owners are now dealing with people wanting their season tickets refunded.

Strange that CNN is reporting this, but we already knew President Trump was right. Standing for the National Anthem is what we are supposed to do, period.

The NFL privileged and spoiled player had found they are not God’s gift to the world and they only survive because we allow it. The ratings spiraling down along with ticket sales was bound to happen. It was just a matter of time, especially with Roger Goodell running the NFL.
Protests that hit in the pocket are one of the best ways of protesting.
 Well, what did they expect? The American public to continue to be stupid. They should’ve figured we were mad when we elected Trump and got rid of the politicians there.

Last year, the NFL blamed the low ratings on the election even after Colin Kaepernick started this protest trend. The NFL owners, coaches, and players are not going to pay attention until we, the people of the United States, tune them out in mass numbers until they become responsible for doing things the right way.
Stand for the National Anthem. Honor this country and the veterans that fought, and some gave all so that you can play a stupid game. Unite and tune them out.
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 SourceNTK Network
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