Clinton: 'I Am Not Someone Who Will Say Things That Aren't True'

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Says she's too honest for politics ...?

“I am not someone who will say things that aren’t true,” said Hillary Clinton in a Tuesday-published interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein.
Clinton framed herself as politically disadvantaged by her honest disposition relative to Barack Obama in 2008 and Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in 2016.
Partial transcript below:
I can’t change who I am. I knew that. I knew that I am not someone who will say things that aren’t true, that will not take responsibility. I had to run as me. …
I care about being absolutely as accurate as possible. …

I didn’t want to be either not telling the truth about what was going to happen [with any of my policy proposals] and not being responsible about what I thought we could do and get done together.
Watch Clinton’s comments below.

“I don’t think I’m held to the same standard as anybody else,” said Clinton, portraying herself as uniquely and acutely scrutinized by the broader news media.

Clinton criticized the news media for offering broad advantages to her opponents during 2016’s presidential campaign season. Democrats, she said, experience a “very difficult media environment.”

Klein presented Clinton as pushing “political realism” to her own disadvantage, casting America as broadly preferring unrealistic political promises and policies. Clinton agreed with his assessment.
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