Canadian PM Trudeau quietly sends national security adviser to North Korea as Trump vows ‘fire and fury’

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While Donald Trump on Tuesday escalated tensions between with North Korea by promising the United States will bring “fire and fury” to the rogue nuclear power, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dispatched national security adviser Daniel Jean to Pyongyang, CNN reports.

According to Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Jean and his entourage arrived early Tuesday afternoon. Officials declined to discuss the nature of Jean’s visit, but reports indicate he is seeking the release of Toronto Presbyterian minister Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, who’s been held in North Korea for the last two years.

Lim’s family has reportedly been seeking his release since the nation allowed American student Otto Warmbier to return in June. Warmbier arrived to the U.S. in a vegetative state and died six days after his release.

“Obviously, Pastor Lim’s health and well-being remain of utmost importance to the government of Canada and we are continuing to engage on his case,” Trudeau’s media relations manager Cameron Ahmad in a statement.

“As this is an active case, we will not provide any further comment,” he added.
A senior government official told CBC News while the primary focus of Jean’s visit is securing Lim’s release, the envoy is also able to “discuss other issues of regional concern.”

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