Her Teen Died Because Of A Hickey, Doctors Warn It’s More Common Than You Think [video]

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When his girlfriend got a bit raunchy with one teenage boy, her love bite ended up ending him. Because she lovingly bit his neck as a sign of affection, young Julio Macias Gonzalez, a 17-year-old teen from Mexico City, died from a stroke.
Why? The love bite his girlfriend gave him after a steamy date led to a blood clot, which resulted in a stroke. It was purely accidental but horrible none the less…
Everyone grew worried when the teen lover suddenly started convulsing during a routine family dinner. He then collapsed into his dinner plate and his family called emergency services and had him rushed to the hospital. But the intervention was too little too late.
Earlier that same evening, Julio had spent some time with his girlfriend when things got hot and heavy. As they started kissing, she leaned forward and gave him a love bite on the teen’s neck. The bite broke the capillaries at the surface of his skin and produced a common hickey.
However, this hickey ended up not being as normal as usual. It produced a blood clot. This became dislodged and traveled through his artery up into his brain. When it did, the teen collapsed at the diner table and died.
Now his family is blaming the boy’s 24-year-old girlfriend for his premature death. Although the hickey was never meant to hurt her lover, it did and now she is on the run. She must feel guilty for being the cause of her boyfriend’s untimely demise.
This is not the first time that a love bite has gone wrong. Last year in New Zealand, a 44-year-old woman lost movement in her left arm. She had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital.

When doctors surveyed her, they noticed a faded hickey. Instantly they suspected it as the cause for the unwarranted stroke. Fortunately, she survived but had to deal with the damage of the stroke and work through a vigorous physical therapy routine.
Love bites or hickeys occur when a lover suck on a part of the skin. This suction causes the blood vessels to break and can in extremely rare instances cause a blood clot. If this clot dislodges and travels to the brain, it can cause a stroke.
Bruising from a hickey can last for up to two weeks. Rare are they this serious, but they can be embarrassing marks for an employee or a boss.
People who have love bites or hickeys can use an ice pack to minimize the bruising. They can also cover them up with makeup – unless it turns into a blood clot and threatens their very life.
In the video report below from CBS New York, you’ll learn more about how hickeys can become dangerous and life threatening. While this is certainly rare, it does happen – and more often than you might want to believe.
If you get hickeys easily, you may have an iron deficiency. Those that do, get hickeys quicker and more frequently.
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