Stray Dog Begs For Food But Won’t Eat It. So They Follow Her With A Camera.

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Dogs love food. It may not even matter if it’s a food that they like, they’ll still beg for it. This has led many to ask the question “would a dog stop eating if they were given an unlimited amount of food?” In other words, does a dog know when it’s time to stop? The answer, perhaps not too surprisingly, is it depends on the dog.
Not unlike myself when I’m offered “endless shrimp” from a certain seafood restaurant, some dogs just can’t help themselves and will eat until they get sick. But fortunately, the most dogs will stop once they’ve had enough (this should go without saying but please don’t go testing this with your dog!).

Anyway, when one man came upon a stray dog that was begging for food, he assumed that this dog was really hungry so he gave her a piece of grilled chicken. The dog graciously accepted but instead of chowing down on the delicious meal, she ran off with the food intact. Eventually, the dog returned and begged for more. The man gave her another piece of grilled chicken and watched as the dog ran off yet again with the food intact. So this time he followed her to see what she was doing. When she finally got to her destination, the man realized what she was doing: feeding her puppies!
Watch the heartwarming video below and let us know what you think.

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