Boy challenges a 'statue' to a dance battle. Now watch an epic dance-off in action

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YouTuber “Noster” The Dancer, whose real name is Noah Kenaley, was at a shopping mall in Cincinatti, Ohio, when he came across a ‘living statue.’ Noah is a highly talented and skilled dancer who often uploads videos on YouTube of him dancing to popular dubstep songs. These songs typically have heavy, quick beat, and its influence can be found in most modern day pop songs.
It turns out that the living statue, named Eclypse, that Noah encountered at the mall is a member of the dance crew known as The Millennium Robots. They paint themselves in all grey and act as if they are robots, and their dance moves echo that persona.

When Noah challenges Eclypse to a dance battle set to electronic music, a crowd forms at the shopping mall. What ensues can only be described as epic. They move and contort their bodies in ways that I never thought was possible. The most impressive part was how they could do it precisely to the beat of the music. Needless to say, this was one of the best dance battles I have ever watched!
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