A Strange Raven Flies Right Up To This Guy, So He Says Hi. The Raven’s Response Is Very Naughty

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This is just too damn funny! A black crow or raven swoops down and lands right next to this guy. His girlfriend catches it on camera and then prods the guy to try and pet the bird.

The guy then declines and gives off some smart ass remark. The bird seems to think a moment, then totally tells the guy off!
Turns out these birds are indeed amazingly smart. Now whether they are smart enough to actually respond with a human slang phrase in order to tell the guy off, well that may seem like a stretch, but it’s hard to argue when that is exactly what happens here.

The guy thankfully takes the birds remarks in a humorous manner as he can’t help but laugh hard while confirming that the bird did indeed say what it sounded like it said. Never in a million years did they think that a bird would be sitting inches away from them and say what it said. Pretty amazing and makes you wonder if birds are now evolving to the stage of being able to speak to humans. If so they are hilariously starting off their vocabulary with formulating curse words!
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