This Wheelchair Looks Ordinary Enough, But How It Transforms When Someone Sits In It Is Astounding

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Anyone that is or is close to someone who has a physical handicap knows just how much of a struggle it can be. That’s especially true if the person was living a handicap-free life in the past. That transition can hold some of the most heart wrenching moments you’ve ever felt before in your life, but it’s not the end.
Being handicapped doesn’t necessarily mean that your life has to pull a 180° flip. If you would have said a few years ago that it would you’d have been right, but with the wonders of modern medicine being what they are that’s no longer the case. We’ve made astounding advances in prosthetics and the tech used in wheelchairs, but never before has there been anything like the Ogo. The Ogo is a new type of wheelchair altogether which operates under the same way a Segway does! The chair manages to keep itself stable on almost any terrain, as the wheels are designed to be replaced with actual off-road tires. The limits of the wheelchair are slowly shrinking right before our very eyes.

Losing the ability to walk isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you and if we continue making the insane jumps in tech that we have been, probably won’t be anything permanent in a couple decades. In the meantime at least you know that you won’t be confined to the roads or sidewalks anymore!

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