This Horse Is Considered To Be The Most Beautiful In The World. But When Experts Inspected Its Coat, They Were Stunned.

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Probably one of the most beautiful animals in the world are horses. Their beauty lies not only in their physical appearance but their grace and majestic nature. There is one particular breed of horse which is actually considered the “World’s Most Beautiful Horse”.

 This horse comes from Turkey and is called an “Akhal-Teke”. It’s extremely rare with apparently only 1,250 in existence worldwide! In China they are actually known as “Horse from Heaven” as their coats shine so strong and feel so silky. Strong tenacity and resilience are a few of the traits which really stand out in these beauties.

When their coats hit the light, it’s almost as if they turn gold as they shine so amazingly bright. It’s such an unusual effect that experts actually analyzed their coats. They wanted to attempt to figure out what it is that creates this strong effect. The structure of the hairs are responsible it seems as each strand will intensify, reflecting rays of light.


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