This Cat Ran Into A Burning House Five Times But What She Brought Out In Her Mouth Each Time, Will Break Your Heart.

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This is Scarlett, the cat. She lived on the street and was raising five little kitties. She discovered shelter inside an abandoned garage and found it to be the best place to keep her kittens safe and protected from the outside elements.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be the elements inside the building that were the real threat. The derelict building was frequented by drug users and one day a fire ended up occurring inside the building. Scarlett and her five tiny kitties were now in serious trouble.
The kittens were crying. That’s what the firemen heard when they arrived. Then, what they saw was pretty shocking. Outside, the mother was present, her fur totally scorched and very much in pain. Beside her were all five of her kittens. It turns out she had to save each kitten, one by one.

So she kept going back into the burning building, through the blaze, grab a kitty in her mouth, bring it outside, and then repeat the whole thing again and again until all five were out.
Thankfully a firemen saw the situation at hand, and quickly took the mom and the babies, put them in a box, and brought them to the vet. Even though the mother at this point was burned and couldn’t see, she still was nudging her kittens, checking on them and trying to tell if they were alright.

The vets saw that her mouth, nose, and paws had very bad burns, while her ears appeared to be burned off. Meanwhile, for one kitten, the trauma was too much, and it ended up dying.
But the rest of the kittens survived. It would be a week in intensive care, but with all the loving helpers assisting in their healing, indeed they recovered.
The response was huge when people found out what this mamma cat did to save her kids. Newspapers and news outlets covered the story while the shelter itself received a whopping 7,000 letters! They all offered to provide the mom and the remaining kittens a place to call home.
It would be three long months before they were all finally healed. The kittens got adopted out in pairs, and Scarlett went with a woman named Karen Wellen.
The mother kitten still needs regular meds due to the effects of the fire damage. Her new owner Karen knows what it means to go through something like this, as she too was a victim of an accident.
But the traumatized cat is now in a loving home and is receiving the special care and support that is required.
This is a story that will be told over and over as it is a great example of the massive motherly love that animals have, and how they will go to any lengths to protect their babies and keep them out of harm’s way.
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