President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse To Leave Office If Trump Is Elected

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Reports are surfacing that Barack Obama told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he will NOT vacate the Oval office if Trump is elected!
Apparently he states he is “fully prepared” to simply ignore the majority vote. How is he going to get away with this? By what he says is a little known loophole which he has uncovered, allowing for him to stick around until a re-election can be called.
Here he explains his reasoning:
“As president, I must do what I feel is in the best interests of our nation. If the American people elected ‘the Donald’ then I will be forced to take whatever actions I deem necessary.”
The CNN anchor asks if he will stay in charge, and Obama answers:
“I am not standing down as president if it means four years of President Trump.”
“I am prepared to file a motion of ‘no confidence’ in our citizens thereby taking their vote away from them.”
Blitzer, appearing stunned, asks the following:

“Wait, you’re willing to impeach the American people as voters?”
Obama responds, “Yes, if necessary. I cannot allow him into this chair, with his finger so close to the button. The power would go to his head immediately.”
How far will Obama go? He states he will even barricade himself, and his family, inside the White House!
“I’ve instructed the Secret Service to use full force in defending the White House from the Trump family. Joe has already expressed his willingness to die multiple times in order to keep them out of here.”
Trump, who was questioned by Howard Stern about this, seemed not too concerned about Obama’s threats:
“Don’t worry, we’ll get some of the second amendment people to sort him out pretty quickly.”
Wow! Should definitely be interesting! Share this shocking news with friends and family!

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