Little Girl Shows 6 Pitbulls Who’s Boss

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Here is an amazing video which destroys the belief that all pit bulls are dangerous animals that fight with one another and shouldn’t be around children.

Here we have a 4-year-old girl feeding six very hungry male pit bulls and totally controlling the situation throughout! Even when she pours the food on the ground she still commands the dogs to wait, and rather than viciously run her down and go for the food, they patiently wait in a disciplined manner until she says okay.

The other point to this video is that none of the dogs fight with one another while eating. They share the food and eat right alongside each other. The mother who is filming states how they are all a family. Clearly they are well behaved dogs who get along with each other, and with the little girl. “Love your pit bull” the mother says at the end! Indeed, they are wonderful animals and those that have a pit bull know how incredibly sweet they really are.
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