Expert Says: Intelligent people go to bed late, leave a mess everywhere, and use bad language

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So you were yelled at as a kid for having a messy room, not going to bed early enough, and cursing too much. Turns out your behavior wasn’t bad after all, it was actually a sign of higher intelligence!
Indeed studies are showing that such behavior is connected to an increases in IQ.
Clever people sometimes use bad language.
Usually the stereotype is that those with a dirty mouth simply have a limited vocabulary, despite that not really making any sense.
American schools did an experiment where people were asked to recall as many swear words as possible. The results? Those that remembered the most, had higher IQ’s. Oratorical abilities were also greater.

Many talented and intelligent people habitually stay up late into the night.
If you are a night owl, and sometimes feel guilty for your late night habits, turns out according to research you probably have a higher IQ than others. Some smart night owls include President Obama, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Keith Richards and Elvis Presley!
A messy desk and intelligence go hand in hand.
Even more research from the University of Minnesota found that work desk chaos is a sign of someone who is not simply “messy” but whose brain is very focused and active, always with things to do right in front of them!

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