Boxer Is Mad At His Dad For Making Him Leave The Dog Park Early. So What He Does? ROFL!

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Here we have a hilarious dog video featuring one of the most unique breeds out there – the Boxer! These guys are total characters. When they don’t get their way, they won’t go and huddle in a corner and pout, they will straight up tell you what’s up!

Think about a little kid who is out playing and his parents tell him that it’s time to come in as playtime is over. That little kid is likely to get a bit ornery. Well, the boxer is no different.
Case in point is this Boxer who is having a blast playing in the park. But when dad comes along a bit earlier than usual, he is going to put up a fuss! He puts up a verbal barrage of complaining and the poor owner has to put up with it!

This is a mix of cute and furious as this Boxer truly is communicating his frustrations, yet he looks adorable doing it!
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