Young Woman Smacks Police Horse, Doesn’t Anticipate Horse’s Response (WATCH)

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When she decided to smack a horse, she likely didn’t expect to have this happen to her. Yet what happened to this Canadian woman is indeed epic.
It was during the Queen’s University homecoming in Kingston, Ontario, where a blonde-haired woman decides to run up to a horse, and proceed to actually slap it on the rear. Oh, and this was a police horse as well!
Not the brightest move in the world, and one that would have a hefty price, both in the physical sense, and the criminal sense. You see, the horse reacts to being slapped, by a rear-leg kick, with such precision that it knocks her down, causing her to fall flat on her face!
While another woman runs to help, the woman gets up off the ground, tail between legs, and runs off with her hand over her face.
Turns out three people would end up being charged and arrested, though police would not confirm the blonde woman in the video is one of them who is facing charges for the act.

Here’s a tweet that the Kingston Police Department sent out regarding the incident:
“Disappointing news from #QueensHomecoming. Our new horse, Murney, was slapped 3X tonight. No injuries. 2 men & 1 woman charged criminally.”
Turns out one of the men was from Algonquin College and the other from Cobourg, while the female was a student at Queen’s University.
Thankfully the horse responded well with the slaps as she is still in training:
“Police horse, Murney, still in training. Startled by slaps but kept her restraint.”
It’s very much illegal to slap a police horse as a new law takes action against those who injure law enforcement animals.
The suspects in this case are looking at up to 5 years in prison for their actions if found guilty!

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