Women Viciously Attacked During 30-MInute ‘Feeding Frenzy’ (Photos)

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They are recovering from a vicious pit bull attack. It all started out as a simple jog, but turned into a mauling.

It went down in Indiana as cousins Isabella George, 19, and Rebekah Forgey, 20, were on a rural country road doing their jogging, when all of a sudden four pits came up on them, and the attack began.
The women proceeded to run across the field, toward their house. The dogs outran them and brought them down to the ground where they proceeded to maul them. Turns out this went on for 30-minutes, with police describing it as a “feeding frenzy.”

More than 75 percent of one of the women’s scalp was torn off. Muscle was ripped from her leg as she now resides in intensive care in stable condition. Skin and muscle grafts will be required but regrowing the hair back doesn’t look like a possibility.
Meanwhile, the other woman is recovering at her home. She had deep puncture wounds all over her body as well as huge bruises.

Richard Darter, 50, turns out to be the dogs owner. While he tried to stop the attack, he ended up being bitten himself by his own dogs.
All three were finally saved when a motorist drove by and saw the attack. Driving into the field, the dogs began to scatter and the victims got into her vehicle.
Turns out the victims were extremely lucky. It was a very remote country road and the chances of someone driving by at that moment and seeing the situation go down was indeed very slim.
The dogs were eventually found by police. One was shot. The other three euthanized.
The owner had already been cited for not controlling his dogs, so there is pressure to press charges against him.

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