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Back when I was a kid watching by first ever presidential election going on it was hard to understand even half of what the candidates were discussing, but even back then the importance of these people wasn’t lost on me. They would stand by their podiums and talk about the things they believed in and how those beliefs would play out in the political system, but this election is different. Out of the two main choices we’re being fed this year we have an orange narcissist claiming his Hiler-esque vision of the future is what conservatives want and on the other hand we’ve got a proven liar whom most would add criminal to the description to as well. There’s been no shortage of depressing or comedic news to come out of this election, but there are certain things you shouldn’t lie about.

Trump lies about the things he knows because he’s a narcissist, which kind of falls under what a narcissist would do, understandable, but Hillary has continually lied simply to gain more attention and I’m not the only person sick of hearing it all. You’re about to meet Don Raso, a Navy Seal with an extremely important message to say with the help of the NRA, and while lobbying to stop Hillary for the gun issue is their goal here the things Raso has to say are actually important. He calls Hillary out for lying about being under fire in a combat situation all to increase her appeal to her current audience, a tact she uses quite often. Well, not this time. Raso wasn’t having any of it.

Presidential candidates are supposed to be the most honest and forthcoming among us, and yet this election has only gone to display the exact opposite. We cannot allow someone we vote in as OUR GLOBAL REPRESENTATIVE to use completely bold faced lies to their own people, it defeats their purpose in the first place. We’re not telling you who to vote for (because frankly they both suck about as much as an anal prolapse would, if not more), but don’t let them act like children in a popularity contest when the whole nation is at stake.

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