This country just passed a law that will allow castration and execution of pedophiles

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The Indonesian Parliament has stunned the world with the passing of a new law allowing chemical castration to be considered as punishment for child molestation. Any one pedophile that either repeats an offense or abuses a family member can vow receive 10 to 20 years in prison on top of a chemical castration and tagging.
If the pedophile ends up murdering their victim, leave them with permanent physical or psychological disabilities or if they transmit any STD’s then the judge presiding over the case has the power to pass the death sentence. This is a move both widely supported and widely disputed all at once, but they are by no means the first country to allow chemical castration on child rapists. While it is the first southeastern country, Poland, South Korea and Russia have all implemented it.
This law was prompted into effect by the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl named Yuyun by twelve different men, some teenagers included. It turns out the country happens to be somewhat of a prime vacation spot for Western pedophiles on top of that, as more than 100 have been caught from Australia alone since 2014! That’s an insane number of illegal sex tourists to be caught, but it really makes you wonder how many get away with it. Hopefully this law manages to curb back some of the drive for children over there, because as things were they weren’t looking pretty.
While this is an ethical grey area, with the amount of children suffering it’s hard not to get behind a law like this. When dealing with people who can do something as disgusting as to rape a child it’s hard not to feel a primal rage deep inside your chest, so it’s extremely difficult to say you could readily stand against a law allowing body mutilation.
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