Owner Frustrated By Dog Shedding In Car, Invents Hilarious Doggy Leotards & People Can’t Stop Cracking Up.

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While Tyson Walters loves his big Saint Bernard, he doesn’t enjoy taking Harley for a ride in his car. Harley’s hair would wreak havoc on the interior as Tyson explains:

“My car was practically ruined. Harley’s hair would intertwine in the fabric and not have any desire to ever turn out. She would shake and the hair would simply explode off her and disperse throughout the car.”
It’s a familiar complaint among dog owners. You would think such people would choose a breed that doesn’t shed as much, but most people end up finding out the hard way on what dog hair shedding is all about.
So Tyson starts thinking. What could be something that would prevent his car from being under attack by dog hair? The solution would have to be one he comes up with himself as he doesn’t find anything out there that could work for Harley.
Introducing the Shed Defender. While it may sound tough, it’s basically a dog leotard. Watch as it makes even the toughest looking dogs, appear like dainty ballerinas:
The “Shed Defender” basically covers your entire dog up, except the face, tail and feet. And apparently it does work to prevent the shedding problem.

It’s only to use when you need it. Such as a car ride or a recent carpet vacuum. Some will use it on their pets outside when it’s particularly dirty or allergens are heavily present. The best, most practical use it seems, would be a possible alternative to those dreaded cones dogs have to wear to prevent licking on a certain infected area.
Apparently this is safe and the dog won’t get hot and overheat:
“The Shed Defender is made out of lightweight, breathable, stretchy athletic mesh… It is an unique eco-friendly fiber, partly recycled fabric.”
Portion of all sales will be going to a local animal shelter near where the inventor lives.
Share this new, and very odd, hair-shedding prevention method with all of your dog loving friends and family and see what they think!
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