Meet Titus, A Pitbull So Rare That He’s The Only One Of His Breed In The World

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Introducing a one-of-a-kind animal. His name is Titus. And no, he is NOT a Cheetah! Believe it or not this is a pit bull! But it’s a special breed of pit called the “Albanian Pit Bull”, and he definitely unique!

Titus started receiving attention earlier this year as his image was shared by thousands. No one knew what it was and of course many thought it wasn’t even real.
How could a pit bull have these very distinct cheetah markings?

Well, how those markings got there is another story. Many believe digital manipulation was responsible. But others attribute his cheetah markings to physically applying the spots using temporary, non-toxic ink. The photo depicting him sitting on what appears to be a groomer’s table with questionable colored bottles in the background, lead many to believe that indeed, this was ink applied.
Who knows, perhaps Titus is an ultra-rare mutated dog that somehow ended up with these unique cheetah markings! After all, there is also the rare “Sahara dachshund”, who allegedly roams the wild among all the other wild animals! Whether mythical or not, these are certainly food for thought if you want to have your dog participate in Halloween festivities this year!
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