Great Dane Is Jealous Of Dad Petting His Brother And How He Reacts Is Absolutely Hysterical

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Pets you raise together treat each other as much as family as they do with their human owners, which means that when another family member is getting a little more attention than they are they can get a little fussy.

Just like a little kid does they want all the love and attention you have to offer, and even though they love their brothers and sisters they still would rather you focus on them. It’s a base selfishness that’s pretty adorable to watch play out, so when this Great Dane’s owner saw how his buddy was acting when he focused on his other dog he had to pull out the camera to record it!

It’s hilarious how a massive Great Dane would whine and argue just like you’d expect your kid to do when you tell them not to get into something they want, and you’ll never believe how spot on that analogy is.

Maybe next time instead of recording the woman can give the big baby some love while Ro-Ro gets some love from daddy, but it wouldn’t be as funny so scratch that idea. It’s crazy how alike we are with our pets though, so if that dog gets cranky when he’s tired then you can probably bet he got it from his daddy!

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