First Ever Jewelry Collection For Bearded Men

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So it took you months to grow, but finally you’ve got your full length beard! Finally you can get on board with the trending, hipster, long beard thing that’s been going strong in recent years. But therein lies the problem. You look around and everyone seems to have the big beard thing going on. So how to separate yourself from the flock? Introducing Krato.
It’s a new men’s jewelry line, specifically designed for the beard. Yes, that’s correct, the beard. Apparently wearing jewelry, on the beard, will display a sense of eccentric nature, paired with sophistication.
It’s still a Kickstarter project, but pre-orders are available and you will get your Beard Jewelry by Christmas, making this the ideal holiday gift for all of your beard wearing bro’s, right?
It was Krato Milano who came up with the first ever jewelry collection, for the male beard.
This has taken Krato well over a year to design and perfect. Naturally the biggest hurdle has been a special clip, which will attach firmly to the small yet coarse hairs of the various beard types. Another important aspect was making these things so they are not annoyances, and feel comfortable to the jewelry-beard wearer.
A brave bearded man sampled the Krato Beard Jewel and ended up loving it. He then informed Krato that this special and unique form of male jewelry, should indeed be shared with the rest of the world!
While the trendy beard movement really took off a few years or more back, apparently research has shown that it has not peaked yet. The hipster beard is apparently here to stay while actually having gained even more steam recently.

So while the trend apparently hasn’t peaked, it has evolved into men transforming their beards into different styles, experimenting with different ways to shape and wear their beard.
This is where the Krato Beard Jewel hopes to capitalize as a new form of beard self-expression.
The Krato Beard Jewel even works for a short beard.

Be sure to share this with all of your buddies so they can jump on this new trendy-to-be bandwagon early, and start sporting jewelry on their own beards!

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