Caring Teen Rushes Onto the Field when This 9-Year-Old Girl was Left Standing Alone While Her Father Serves His Country

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Living the life of a U.S. military member or being directly a part of it can be the most challenging part of your life at times. It demands everything from you while giving little in return; half of the population vilifies the current government they stand for while the other half has them on a pedestal that at times feels impossible to measure up to. There’s long hours and longer hours depending on your job, the finance section will always manage to screw up your paychecks, the on-base cops will pull you over for just about anything, and 70% of the time you’re being yelled at for something that went wrong that you weren’t even directly apart of! Then there’s the irregular amounts of time spent away from your families and loved ones.
Nine-year-old Addie Rodriguez’s father is currently away at Travis Air Force Base in California for some mandatory training big had unfortunately only left days ago. Abbie, being a cheerleader, was trying to not let it affect her and performed her heart out for the Central Catholic High School in San Antonio, Texas when all of the fathers of the daughters rushed the field and lifted the girls onto their shoulders, something Addie’s father wasn’t around to do.
“It was really heartbreaking to see your daughter standing out there being the only one without their father, knowing why he’s away. It’s not just an absentee parent. He’s serving our country.”
Addie’s mother felt like there was nothing she could do as she watched her daughter’s heart breaking, when out of nowhere high school senior Matthew Garcia leapt over the fences and onto the field, running to her side. He then asked her if she was alright before hoisting her up onto his shoulders, just so she didn’t have to feel left out.

Moments like these are the ones that show us what’s really worth fighting for on this earth if there ever were any. We may not be a perfect civilization or even a perfect country, but when you ask a soldier what they’re fighting to protect they’ll more than likely have one of these moments come to mind. Here’s to hoping Addie’s father continues to serve out his term in good health and good fortune, and that goes for the rest of you out there too!

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