Thugs shoot soldier feeding her child, she returns fire and treats her own wounds

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Semantha Bunce may not appear at first glance as a trained combat medic, but this 21-year-old mother is indeed just that. Some home intruders recently learned to never judge a book by it’s cover.
She was simply feeding her infant son, when all of a sudden, armed intruders kicked in her front door in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her son was set down, and she sprang into action. Outside her bedroom door she met the intruders who started firing at her. She returned fire, pushing the men down the staircase to the front of the home. Even though she took two shots to the stomach, she was trained well enough to remain calm and continue the task at hand, which was defending herself and most importantly protecting her child. The intruders were driven out of the home and the mother crawled back up the steps to check on her son. Then she tended to her wounds. Eventually an ambulance arrived.
Following the shooting, the community has rallied around her. Her husband says it was both her training and her mental state of calm and stability in regards to fear that made her not only survive, but drive out the intruders.

She has one more surgery for the wounds she suffered before she can hopefully recover fully. A crowdfunding page to help support this hero and her family has been set up at
The latest development in this case has been that one suspect, Reco Latur Dawkins Jr., 23, has turned himself in. He has been charged with multiple felonies. They include attempted murder and breaking and entering. Bond has been set at $1 million.
 Apparently Dawkins already has two break-in convictions under his belt, but there are also three more in 2014 that ended up getting dismissed.

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