This Dog Was Chained Outside For 10 Years… But Watch What Happens When Someone Finally Noticed

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Alone and chained to a wall, this dog was clearly isolated, not socializing with any other humans or animals. It was a neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona where it’s not uncommon for temps to get up to 120 degrees, conditions which are unbearable to humans, let alone fur covered dogs.

A man had been noticing this dog for a few years, and he ended up finding out that the poor animal had been chained up for a 10 years in pretty much the same situation, alone and isolated.

Naturally the dog was very aggressive when the man first approached the fence. But day after day, the man kept slowly and cautiously approaching, and over time the dog began to change. By the end, this man did something very impressive. He would not leave without this dog and how this story unfolds is really amazing. Check this out and share with all of your dog loving friends and family.

Via ifreakingloveanimals
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