The 45-year-old’s testicles were stuck to this stool. IKEA’s response to him on Facebook prompted howls of laughter.

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It was a situation that no guy ever wants to go through. Yet 45-year-old Norwegian Claus Jørstad, who was already suffering from issues with his knees, put an IKEA Marius stool in his shower to sit down with, and then this happened. His testicles became lodged in one of the holes in the stool. When he went to rise up, his balls dragged the stool right up with him, causing a major freak out to occur, as he realized his gonads were trapped in the stool.
Here’s what happened next according to Claus. He wrote this on IKEA’s Facebook page:
“My mobile phone was out of arm’s reach by the sink. I had no idea how the hell I was going to free myself from this mess. I was banging my head against the wall. Tried again and again to liberate my crown jewels. Without success. Until I ran out of hot water. And it was very cold in the shower. Damn cold even.”
It turns out that the ice cold water was a blessing in disguise. It ended up causing, the usually dreaded “shrinkage” to occur, which in turn allowed Claus to plop out his balls and free himself from the stool from hell.

The very traumatic experience was read by IKEA, and they in turn responded to Claus. This is what they wrote:
“We recommend you remove the stool from the shower and settle down in a more suitable seat with some comfortable clothing on. In the future, perhaps it might be better to use the stool to display a lovely flower vase.”
A lovely flower vase they say? Well, indeed, Claus wasn’t going to be showering with the testicle trapping stool anymore. So he took their advice, giving his favorite potted cactus plant a new place to sit! Thankfully Claus was not injured in this horrific experience, and it’s great that he is able to have a sense of humor over the whole ordeal. Share this story with friends and family!
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